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Our Services


Washing machine repair

We are providing an extensive range of washing machine repairs, covering everything from water blockages and broken timers to the fixing of the noisy machine. If you feel something is wrong with your washing machine, get in touch with our team. Our experts will undergo the required tests before providing an optimal solution.

Dishwasher repair

A dishwasher is an essential appliance. If you are on the lookout for an expert who can install your dishwasher, then look no further than Shine appliance service. Our team will come to your place to fix your machine. Or if you already have an installed dishwasher and it is not working as you expected then give us a call now.


Freezer Repair

A freezer is a significant appliance in the kitchen. If it fails to work, then you can be left with rotten food or meat. Keeping the freezer in its perfect working shape is necessary. Shine appliance service is always ready to render its service if you are facing issues with your fridge. We offer installation and repair of all sizes of the freezer.

Hood Repair

The hood breakdown can leave your place with an unpleasant smell, condensation, and steam. If you are having this problem with the hood in your kitchen, the call our experienced hood repair technician at Shine Appliance service. We will look into the defaulted machine and come up with a quick solution at the spot.


Dryer repair

If your dryer machine has stopped working or you are facing any trouble with it, get it checked by the skilled technician at Shine appliance repair. Your dryer will start working efficiently after our team has repaired it.

Oven repair

The electric oven is the most used appliance in the kitchen. Imagine a non-working oven on your kitchen shelf. If you are thinking to get rid of it, then take a moment to re-think. Shine appliance service is a fast and reliable service in Eagle rock that promised to fix up your machine at an affordable price.